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Aims of Movement

  • Organise traditional Maltese functions and events such as Maltese Carnival, lmnarja (feast of St Peter and St Paul), Maltese Festa and other Maltese National Festivities that are significant to the Maltese community in the UK.
  • Produce a magazine/newsletter for the Maltese in the UK. Maltese can be kept informed with news from Malta and also news of activities and articles about the Maltese community in this country
  • To actively work towards establishing our own Maltese Centre.
  • Promote and exchange Maltese talent and services.
  • Promote Maltese Literature, Arts and Drama.
  • Promote the Maltese themselves and our culture and attain to bring the Maltese and their friends closer together.
  • Encourage our youngsters with active participation and involvement in this Movement and hopefully carry it forward to their generations.

The movement is to run on a philanthropic basis and will be seeking sponsors and fund raisers. There will be Annual General Meetings and audited accounts.

First year's membership is FREE. Donations are most welcomed. Membership after the first year is £6.00 per adult per annum. 

Bernard Scerri Chairman & Founder

Information can be obtained from the address below:

Maltese Culture Movement
P.O Box 2964
London N19 4NS

Tel: 020 7272 9000
Fax: 020 7272 7787
E-mail: Maltese_Culture@Hotmail.com