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Happy Anniversary Sweet 8 Years!!! 
On the 12th April 2006 the Maltese Culture Movement was eight years old!  Not a long time and relatively speaking still young as an organisation…
It has been an eventful eight years!  Happy, Exciting, Trying, Moving, Demanding, Caring, Constructive, Fruitful, Satisfying, Saddening, and always Very Active. These are but a few words to describe some of the moments during these last eight years.
We recall the excitement when we launched eight years ago on Easter Sunday 12th April 1998.  The Packington Hall was packed with Maltese and the people spilled out onto the forecourt. The big Cake and the Figolli…

The Easter Bunny Presenting the Figolli to the children

The Launching Cake
Easter Sunday 12th April 1998

The happy faces of children from our Easter 2000

The children with the figolli

Figolli for the raffle


Carnival Clown

Vinny Vella & his Orchestra
We recall our first Carnival Dance with Vinny Vella and his Orchestra. That was on Saturday 4th March 2000 at Sir John Cass's School in East London. We went on to repeat this function many times over the years…

Bull Fight

Matador with Trophy

Carnival Float


Crowd Dancing

Boat Girl

Irish Dancers


Two Girls

Children in Costume

Imnarja Celebrations
And what about our Imnarja Celebration?   Some pictures from our 2001 Imnarja Celebration, when the President of Malta His Excellency Prof Guido De Marco together with Dr Joe Borg, the Foreign Minister, made us a surprise visit while on their way to China.  That year we had Enzo Gusman to entertain us. 

H.E. Prof Guido De Marco (right), Dr Joe Borg (middle right) and Teddy Cassar listening to Enzo Gusman telling jokes.

Playing the Maltese National Anthem before the opening of the Imnarja Fair.
Christmas Parties
We had several Christmas Parties during which Father Christmas always visits and brings presents for the children.  In Christmas 2000 we had Claudette Pace, and in 2001 we had Fabrizio Faniello for entertainment.

Claudette Pace holding the flowers together with H.E. Dr and Mrs George Bonello Du Pui - Christmas Party in 2000

Fabrizio Faniello wooing the audience during our Christmas Party in 2001

New Year's Eve Party 
Our New Year’s Eve Party now has become synonymous with the Maltese Culture Movement.
Malta Day-UK 
And what about our Malta Day?  Our first Malta Day-UK was on Saturday 8th September 2001.  This is the crown of all activities…  - The Movement plays a big part in this...

Procession with the Statue of Our Lady of Victories
in the Streets of Westminster, London.

The brass band playing Maltese Festa Marches.

- For more pictures and write-up see our archives section or click this link.   Archives>>
The many other activities and Maltese products that we managed to get to our members…
The sadness when we lose a member from our community…  members that we miss dearly but never forget…   Some were also members from our committee…  We will continue remembering them throughout the years and especially on November 1st.
The Joy of seeing the children participating and enjoying themselves and hopefully carry this forward to their generations!
We owe all this to YOU our members and supporters!
Thank You!!  And I shall look forward for your continuing support.
May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a
Happy and Enjoyable Easter!