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All you need to know about Kinnie
Kinnie exclusively a taste on its own… Welcome to our World!!         
 is Malta’s own non-alcoholic drink made from bitter oranges and 18 aromatic herbs. Drink ice-cold Kinnie straight with a slice of orange or lemon or mix with your favourite Scotch whisky for refreshments with a difference! Enjoy!
Kinnie is available for sale in cases of 24X33cl cans at £15.00 per case.
We also stock Diet Kinnie and Kinnie Zest at £15.00 per case.

To order please download an order form.  Order Form>>

Kinnie is always available for sale at the Bingo Nights on the first Sunday of every month and on any of the other major functions.  See the list of our forthcoming events for the exact dates. We also despatch by courier to any part of the UK.

Courier charge is £13.00 per 20Kg (two cases) - minimum charge £13.00

Tel: 020 7272 9000
Fax: 020 7272 7787
Order Form: Order Form>>