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Significance of the coat of arms of the
Maltese Culture Movement 

1.  The Maltese flag represents our nationality.

2.  The Union Jack represents the United Kingdom as our host country.

3. The Christian flag signifies our faith. - The Maltese were one of the first people to be converted to Christianity, through the shipwreck of St Paul the Apostle in 60 AD.

4. The Maltese Cross denotes the Knights Hospitallers of the Order St John of Jerusalem who dominated Malta for about three centuries. 

5. The spirals carved in limestone are taken from the limestone screen found in the Tarxien temple. This implies our heritage and history that goes back to before 3000BC and the birth of civilisation. 

6. The helmet crest insinuates the legacy of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, later known as the Knights of Malta, manifested all over the Maltese Islands, which reformed our ethnicity and enhanced our culture even up to the present day.