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Throughout these pages we aim and hope that we can convey to you information about all that is Maltese, information about our Maltese community in the UK, activities, past and forthcoming, and other information that is relevant to all those that are Maltese or connected with Maltese, Malta or simply may have an interest in Malta, its culture and its people. 
The Maltese migrants that settled in the UK in the 50’s soon after World War II and more recently since May 1st 2004 when Malta joined the European Union may find these pages of particular interest in keeping them in touch with their compatriots and offer them some representation to identify with in the multicultural society that we live in today.
This website has long been thought of and rather overdue.  For the last eight years we conveyed our messages and announcements on allmalta.com thanks to John J Cassar who accommodated our every need regarding this aspect.  allmalta.com is a great site and it comes with high recommendations as a must visit site.  Throughout its pages one will find many interesting articles that sustain and promote our culture.  And we as the Maltese Culture Movement would stand for and support.  I take this opportunity to thank John Cassar for all he has done for our Organisation and the patience he kept over the years with us and in particular with me.
With every new venture comes a trial or evaluating period and we are now at that stage.  We are seeking your feedback and viewpoints to continue developing these pages for the benefit of all our readers.  Should you feel that there is a subject that we should cover, an opinion, an interesting article, an announcement, activities within the Maltese Community in your area, humour, etc or anything that you may think will be of interest to the community, please contact us. 
Please continue to use the email address Maltese_Culture@Hotmail.com for the time being until further notice.
Thank you for visiting!