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Maltese Christmas Fairs in Waterlooville on Saturday 26th November and in East London on Saturday 3rd December
November 2017
Dear Members/Friends,
First of all I want to thank all those who attended the Malta Day-UK celebrations in September last. - A great day and it really made you proud to be Maltese!  Heartfelt thanks to the organising committee and the many helpers who volunteered and dedicated their free time to make this day a success.  Sincere thanks to all those who dressed up in Maltese Costumes and flag bearers who added the colours and Maltese authenticity to this event.  Gratitude to all our sponsors and all those who bought tickets for the Grand Draw, without which, these proceedings would not have been funded. Our compliments to Renato and Mary Rose Mallia who came especially from Malta for this occasion and to the St Sebastian Wokingham Brass Band whose excellent performance lifted the profile of the Day and of course to our High Commissioner H E Mr Norman Hamilton and the Hon. Deo Debattista MP, under whose auspices these festivities were conducted.
Christmas Fairs: This year we are once again holding two Christmas Fairs one in Waterlooville and another one in our usual place at the Scouts Centre in Stepney Way East London. This should give you the opportunity to stock up with some of your favourite traditional Maltese products for the festive season. The Fair in Waterlooville will be held on Saturday 25th November starting 12.00pm and the Fair at the Scouts Centre will be held a week later on Saturday 2nd December also starting 12.00pm. Both fairs are run as an open day affair and you don’t need tickets to enter. Besides stocking up with Maltese products one can also enjoy some Maltese food and a festive drink while socialising with other Maltese people. In both cases Father Christmas will be visiting and should be fun for all the children and adults alike. - For the exact location please see maps>>.
Learn Maltese: Courses are still being held every Saturday. All those interested please contact Zoe Alison. For more details look on this website ‘Learn Maltese’ and/or also on our Facebook page. – Our thanks goes to Zoe for her initiative in setting up these lessons.
Funding: The Maltese Culture Movement since its inception has been running as a non-profit organisation. While at one time our main funding came from membership fees and donations, these days most of our funding is generated through the selling of the Maltese products. The committee and the many dedicated helpers do this work on a voluntarily basis. So whenever one purchases any Maltese product through us, not only one enjoys a genuine product but also helps us to generate the required funds to promote and sustain our culture!
Maltese Product: To order look on this website under Maltese Products. Please follow the instructions in how to order.
Next Year, the Maltese Culture Movement will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary since its foundation back in 1998. It was Easter Sunday 12th April 1998 at the Packington Hall in Islington when the Maltese Culture Movement was born. For this occasion we want to organise a special Get-together in a central location. We would also appreciate your input on this. Also if you have any memorabilia or photos from any of the past functions we will include them in a special display.
Restructure and New Committee:  As part of the restructure next year, we would also be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting and everyone would be invited. All those who wish to join our committee or our ever-growing band of helpers and volunteers please get in touch with us by emailing us with your details so that we can put you on our short list.
We now urge you to come and celebrate with us these festivities together with your family and friends and join in the community spirit in a truly Maltese way!
I shall take this opportunity to wish you all a: